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Thursday, 29 June 2017 19:03


ubytovani smer

3,5 MHz classic – Wednesday 5.7.
Departure ONLY BY BUSES from the stop in front of the Svratka school (= the Event centre)



SPRINT – Thursday 6.7.
From the center of Svratka walk to the start of the race ON FOOT ONLY (approx. 1,800 m) – it´s forbidden to use cars!! If you are not accommodated at the school, please park your car near the side entrance of the school (exceptionally in other places designated by the organizer).



RELAYS – Friday 7.7.
Start of the race is situated near the Svratka hotel, about 2.4 km from the event centre, please go by foot! There are only few parking lots near the starting area (mainly reserved for the guests of Svratka hotel). If you arrive from Milovy, be sure to come with fully occupied vehicles.



144 MHz classic – Saturday 8.7.
ONLY BUS – the bus will stop at 3 places: 1. Svratka school, 2. crossroads under the hotel Svratka, 3. Milovy – crossroads near the guesthouse Poslední míle



FOXORING – Sunday 9. 7.
Start of the race is situated in Milovy, transport only by competitor´s cars! (requirement for organizational transport must be solved on Tuesday at the moment of the arrival at the competition) The parking for competitor´s cars is located near the pond (without any extra fees).